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151-181 Tools and Utilities scripts at Programsdb.com listed alphabetically
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151)   SurfStats Log Analyzer
SurfStats Log Analyzer generates Website Activity and Conversion Tracking reports from log files. Reports can be generated in various languages with output to screen, file directories, ftp or email. It supports most common log file formats with automatic log file format and compressed format detection. It comes with all the necessary tools designed to automate log file analyzing like a FTP client, E-Mail client, Scheduler, File viewer, and more.
  152)   Synopsis - Visual Programming Tool
This utility has visual programming tool. It helps users to create software related to visual program easily. It contains different components that helps users while developing visual basic program.
  153)   Table Guru
This is a standalone application for beginners that makes an HTML 4.01 compliant table. You just have to create your table and preview it in the internal browser. What is generated in the output are helpful cell references, allowing you quick access to find and edit your tabular data.
  154)   Tavrida WebSite Editor
This powerful editing tool will help you to authorize the contents of database driven PHP and Perl websites through a 'Delphi'like interface.
  155)   Telephone with iBe
Telephone with iBe enables you to make telephone calls with video compatiblity. You can send both audio and video to your friends using this utility. Requires a web camera, microphone and large bandwidth.
  156)   TemplateLance
This is a collection of templates that can be designed and submitted by freelancer designers. Webmasters can choose specific template to search template and view them and to create a project.
  157)   TGPSoft Thumbnail Gallery Builder
You can use this program to create online galleries for your websites with thumbnail images with your own dimensional specification.
  158)   Trace Remover WinCleaner N' Optimizer
TraceRemover WinCleaner N' Optimizer & System & Internet Accelerator for Windows
  159)   Trellian Internet Studio
This tool is helpful for webmasters and contains several tools for ecommerce, search, web authoring etc., This tool contains several features to enhance webmasters to build their site.
  160)   Trellian LinkPopularity Checker
This is a link popularity checking program that helps users to calculate the number of websites that are linked to their website. This is a simple and easy to use program.
  161)   Trellian SiteSpider
This is a site spider tool that can extract data from any website and organize the data into a easy to navigate panel. This is a simple and very useful program for webmasters.
  162)   V-Book Compiler
V-Book Compiler is a file utility which initiates the users to create offline websites, digital catalogues, manuals, professional eBooks etc.
  163)   Vembu StoreGrid
Vembu StoreGrid is an innovative, trusted intranet peer-to-peer backup software to backup desktop and laptop data with no additional storage hardware. StoreGrid leverages the free space in your existing network desktops and copies one PCs critical data into other trusted PCs forming a "Storage Grid"
  164)   Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4.5
Creates virtual serial ports and connects them to each other for data transfer.
  165)   Visual Integration Studio
Through this tool you would be able to build complex database driven applications, extract, transform and process records within your database.
  166)   VSPD Mobile Phone Edition
Create up to 20 pure virtual serial ports in your mobile system .
  167)   Web Services Tool Kit for Mobile Devices
Web Services Tool Kit for Mobile Devices provides web based services to develop applications which supports web hosting service for implementation. With IBM technology Java and c programming based web services are capable of handling mobile device processings.
  168)   Webmasters's Tools
This offers a free collection of tools that can do the work of the webmaster. These are the meta-tag generator, the outline and the updater. The sources are available in Scriptol, PHP and C++ formats. It also offers graphical user interfaces with C++ source.
  169)   WebTransporter
WebTransporter – use program to download, save, and view Web sites offline.
  170)   Whizlabs IBM UML Exam Simulator
This is an exam simulator program that can be used to test the experience of working on the OOAD principles. It contains numerous number of questions that are related to different design problems. It contains about 280 questions across 5 mock exams.
  171)   Whizlabs Oracle 8i DBA OCP (1Z0-023) Exam Simulator
This is an exam simulator from Whizlabs to provide candidates with real time test environment for doing Oracle 8i DBA certification exam successfully with high marks. It contains 290 questions distributed across five mock exams.
  172)   Wine Cellar Book
This is a windows based organizing software where users can gather wine related information and organize them. This program uses notebook like interface.
  173)   Wolverine Firewall
Wolverine Firewall is a prompt-driven firewall configurator for IPTABLES.
  174)   Workspace Macro
Keyboard macro & mouse macro, Macro recorder & Macro program for Windows.
  175)   Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper
It is an DVD audio ripper software which helps in ripping DVD audio and store it in Mp3 or wave format. This ripper helps in extracting the audio from DVD.
  176)   XPlica for SharePoint Portal Server 2001
XPlica for SharePoint Portal Server 2001 is a powerful tool to import workspaces, profiles, categories, folders along with the approvers, security and linked profiles, documents along with its associated metadata of one Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) to another or between different SPS.
  177)   XTORT Table Generator
XTORT Table Generator is a content management script which allows the users to create tables on their websites through a web browser.
  178)   Zexer Soft's GIF Extractor
Zexer Soft's GIF Extractor is a simple and effective GIF extractor capable of capturing GIF images from several source files.
  179)   Zilla Audio Converter- Extractor
Zilla Audio Converter- Extractor is a simple online audio utility script that allows you to convert and rip all your audio files into most desired audio form.
  180)   Zilla CD-DVD Rip N' Burn
Burn or Rip video, audio, data CDs, DVDs. Back up all your music & data files.
  181)   Zilla WinCleaner N' Optimizer
Zilla WinCleaner N' Optimizer & System & Internet Accelerator for Windows

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