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51-100 Tools and Utilities scripts at Programsdb.com listed alphabetically
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51)   Demonpixels Web Designing
This tool helps the webmasters to design their web pages easily. Web Design, advertising, web graphics and corporate identity are the main functionalities provided by this tool.
  52)   Digital Photo Recovery
Digital picture recovery and digital image recovery software
  53)   DirectAdmin Web Control Panel
DirectAdmin Web Control Panel is a program which avoids downtime of the server by recovering files from crashes. This control panel can run faster. It has many enhanced features. Mysql is used as a backend.
  54)   Distant Learning System
This is a remote education center and also a multi user training web system that allows you to hold online meetings, attend courses of different levels, perform survery etc.
  55)   DivX Pro
DivX Pro is a simple video production tool that helps you to produce studio quality video files compatible with either with TV sets or home PC.
  56)   DVD Clone Studio
DVD Clone Studio is a program that enables users to copy DVDs. Using this program users can effectively back up all their DVDs.
  57)   E-Store Builder
E-Store Builder is an useful utility that allows you to create your own online store on your website with shopping cart and various other options. It also helps you to automate your accounting, inventory control and reporting and much more.
  58)   Easy Desktop Keeper
Save, restore, manage and lock desktop layouts, wallpaper and screen saver.
  59)   ebay keyword tracking tool
ebay keyword tracking tool gives you the solutions to create your own auctions on ebay using it's features. Allows to search for an e-bay keyword and produce the average result for searched item.
  60)   ElecKey Express
ElecKey Express enables the software developers, distributors to sell their products securely and protect their products from piracy, illegal copy, etc., provides easier techniques for software security.
  61)   Evidence Exterminator
Evidence Exterminator safely cleans all tracks left by you while using PC
  62)   Evidence Remover
Clean your Windows of any evidence and temporary files.
  63)   Express Thumbnail Creator
This is a simple tool that helps you to build your own web based image galleries on the fly. With this tool, you can upload the images immediately on your website.
  64)   Extend JAX-RPC Web services using SOAP headers
This utility is used for extending web services using SOAP headers. It supports RPC invocation type via three methods and easy to configure.
  65)   eXtended Task Monitor
This tool is used for solving problems which arise in programs while their functioning without closing applications. This tool is facilitated with programming and testing and gives functionality to the development environment.
  66)   File Recover
This is an useful utility to search and find for deleted files from FAT, NTFS file systems of hard disks, SCSI, ATA, IDE drives etc., by the name, type and date of deletion of files.
  67)   File Service Extension for IIS
It enhances Internet Information Server with: Anti-leech; Concurrent connections limit; Concurrent connections from same IP limit. It can also sets limits like the Traffic per day limit; Open hours control; Maximum session time limit. It can even do Real-time connections tracing; Real-time connections handling; Easy IP deny/allow setting; Custom server software signature; Custom directory browsing page and much more.
  68)   FireBallFtp
Ftp Client to Easily Transfer Files Quickly and Reliably
  69)   FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition
Lightning fast internet information discovery, integration and management.
  70)   Free SMTP Server
This is a powerful online utility deviced as a better alternative for ISP's SMTP server to enable you send and recieve mails from your systems.
  71)   FreeTemplates.ca
This program offers collection of templates that helps users to create their websites with a better look and feel. All these templates are available for free download.
  72)   Geo Mapper
This is an ActiveX Control/COM Object with which you will be able to represent locations on a US map with an image. It is a tool for marketing applications where sales data or marketing areas can be plotted on the map for easy identification.
  73)   Google Backlinks Comparison Tool
Compare the number of backlinks your site has against your competitors' sites. This SEO tool is free to use and makes checking backlinks a breeze.
  74)   Google Search Add in
This is a searching tool that helps you to search anything in any format like word, excel or powerpoint anywhere. Has a user friendly and intuitive interface.
  75)   History Cleaner- Free Version
History Cleaner is one of the most advanced internet eraser / cookie washer
  76)   iconductor Apache server module
The advanced information management tools available in this software enables you to create and build online applications with electronic commerce functionalities on apache servers.
  77)   IE Internet Security
Customize and secure the Internet Explorer
  78)   iNetAdviser
All-in-one to make your Internet surfing easy. Save time on web pages viewing.
  79)   InfoMail Editor
Database that exports personalized product selections into HTML e-mail messages.
  80)   Installgen
Installgen can be used when performing the installation of Oracle primary and standby database servers. It helps to implement Oracle┬┤s best practices for over 100 tasks Installgen generates Perl scripts, Shell scripts and configuration files required to install, backup, performance tune, document and recover Oracle databases.
  81)   InterWorx Server Management Platform
This tool helps to make the server management easier by provided complete solution for all clients. Hence, all process that are held in the database server can be handled easily.
  82)   Investment and Business Valuation
Investment and Business Valuation is a simple and yet an efficient template based financial tool capable of evaluating the scope of huge business investments based on the prevailing business environment.
  83)   IPCheck Server Monitor
IPCheck Server Monitor 5 offers reliable network and website monitoring, support for WinNT/2000/XP/2003 and a web based user interface. Sensor types include PING, PORT, HTTP, HTTPS, Advanced HTTP, HTTP Transaction, DNS, SMTP, POP3, SNMP and custom
  84)   JanaServer
Jana Server is a proxy server which provides Internet access via a single modem, ISDN or DSL connection, for a group of LAN users.
  85)   Kernel Novell NSS Data Recovery Software
Nucleus Kernel Novell NSS - NSS partition recovery software recovers data from corrupt volume(s) of a crashed Novell NSS Server. Kernel for Novell NSS - Data Recovery Software can recover the data when the volume cannot be mounted.
  86)   LaunchIt NOW!
Using this script, you can have a small, desktop like window with full size icons that can be utilized to launch all your frequently used tools and applications, all kinds of files, folders and favorite URLs. It's completely free and very easy as well as fast to install.
  87)   Lazarus Encoder
This tool is used for encoding the given email address as HTML entities. It is used for protecting email address from email harvesters.
  88)   Linux Control Panel
A Linux Control Panel is a tool which is a hosting control panel for FreeBSD and Linux servers. This is a web based interface which can be used by the users easily.
  89)   Linux Firewall Manager
The main intention of this software is to prevent the intruders or other extenal resources to provide security to their Linux servers.
  90)   Live Database Migration with SQL Porter
This tool is used to migrate, move or convert databases from source database to destination database. This tool supports several databases for migration like, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, MS Access etc.
  91)   LSWebEnterprise Solution
This is an utility for webmasters to send files from a local system to a web server by using HTTP protocol. This utility converts .xls, .ppt and .doc files into HTML format.
  92)   Magnifier
Easily zoom in on areas of your screen and work with every detail.
  93)   Manifest Generator
This software will be useful for safer website developing purposes. It can be used to create SCORM conformant Manifest files. These files will be based on the SCORM 1.2 specifications.
  94)   Masking Password Generator Pro
Easy-to-use random password generator for individual computer users or large enterprises. Pattern a mask after your corporate password policy and never worry about thinking up compliant passwords again.
  95)   Master Web Graphics
This website comes with 3000 layouts and designs in .PSD format and provides different types of templates that can be used for creating website with an attractive look.
  96)   MCSE@Whiz-70-215
This is a set of five mock tests with 300 questions on the latest pattern of MCSE Windows 2000 Server Certification . The salient features of this set is the facility to customize, detailed explanation, facility for quick revision tips and more.
  97)   MCSE@Whiz-70-219
This consists of 5 Mock Tests on the latest pattern of MCSE Design Directory Service Certification. Salient features include High Level of Customization, Detailed Explanation, Quick Revision Tips, scorer of the month and more.
  98)   Media Manager
This is a powerful tool with several helping wizards to help you to organize audio/video files and collections based on any desired criteria.
  99)   MediaOne+ DVD DivX
MediaOne+ DVD DivX is a powerful audio and video player available with multiple subtitles and angles to enable users to play all types of audio and video files.
  100)   Movie Catalog
This is an easy to use organizing program that can collect and organize movie related information. This program supports multiple data entries and can sort them automatically.

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