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1)   File to display paging
The author describes how to use the paging file in websites. The paging file is a very easy tool for easy navigation on websites.
  2)   Server based Expanding and Collapsing Table of Contents Menu Using PHP3
Server based Expanding and Collapsing Table of Contents Menu Using PHP3 is a tutorial for realizing an expanding and collapsing ToC menu fully on your web server with a re-usable demo example.
  3)   TreeDoc
TreeDoc is a software in PHP script to read documents in one long page with sub-sections or as a collection of web pages.
  4)   RUMBLE
Rumble is a simple programme in PHP for creating menu system acting on XML, XHTML, RSS and flash files. All of the views can be customized easily.
Menu class is a PHP scripted application meant for making simple menu class. You can use this software for making horizontal or vertical menu.
  6)   Dir index
Dir Index is an application in PHP for showing how to index the directory and lets you to browse directories within that directory. This permit browsers to visit your web directory only.
  7)   SI Web Tree
A PHP tree navigation software that can be used with or without frames. A roll over script, but mostly server-side controlled. All browsers are supported.
  8)   Site Cache
Site Cache is a simple online PHP based software designed especially for personal websites and corporate systems to increase their website speed and efficiency.