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JavaScript set as homepage - Script Review
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     JavaScript set as homepage is a very useful JavaScript that displays a link in your webpage, clicking which the given url in the link is set as the home page of the user’s browser. You can specify the desired link in the JavaScript which will be set as the default homepage. The script works fine in Internet Explorer 5+ and in other browsers it displays an alert messages. The script is of very small size and can be installed in your webpage very easily.


Top JavaScript scripts
1).   Hide status bar message II This JavaScript prevents reckless display of status bar messages that appear for all links. When the script is installed the status bar of your browser is muted.
2).   Floating Sidebar Menu Floating Sidebar Menu is a simple javascript program which is used for displaying menu bar side of the web page and when the visitor click that side menu bar it will pops out. It moves up and down when web page moves up and down.
3).   JavaScript rollover buttons This script implements buttons with image that changes to another state on mouseover. You can customize the images, background colors, text colors etc.
4).   3 state buttons with fade in - fade out effect This JavaScript implements buttons that can have 3 states supported with images and also supports a fade-in and fade out effect. Allows you to customize the background images.
5).   DHTML Tip Message A DHTML tip message to help describe important links when the mouse moves over them. It is extremely versatile in its placement and special effects to render as the tooltip is being displayed.
6).   Fixed Tooltip script This tooltip script positions the tooltip right beneath the link, in a fixed & non obtrusive manner.
7).   Links Hover Color With this JavaScript you can implement multiple links on a page that reacts differently for each link class your define. Allows you to configure the font, style, size etc. of the links through the script.