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Display days remaining in year - Script Review
Display days remaining in year
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     Use this copy and paste script to display how many days are remaining in the current year.


Top JavaScript scripts
1).   JAVA script countdown This JavaScript implements a countdown from a particular date/time. This displays the result as how many days, hours, mins and seconds are remaining to the date/time.
2).   Countdown Generator When you supply the date and name of any event in the future, this Countdown Generator will generator JavaScript for that event, which can be cut and pasted into your web site’s HTML page.
3).   Cool Countup Script for creating a stopwatch that you can place on your webpage. Includes Start, Pause, Resume, and Reset buttons. Completely customizable and supports foreign languages.
4).   Countdown Creator This is an useful tool that generates instant javascript codes to help you to countdown days from a specified date.
5).   Count down to in days (HMS) Count down to in days (HMS) is a JavaScript to implement a highly configurable countdown. It displays the time difference from a specified date till date in hours, minutes and seconds.
6).   Dynamic countdown script II Version 2 of the Dynamic countdown script is accurate to the second. This allows you to count down to a particular event that's time sensitive (and not just day).
7).   Count Up & Down Count Up & Down JavaScript tool can implement both the count up and count down operation. The user can mention the time from/to which, he or she wants to count down/up. These two stopwatch functions can work separately or together at the same time.