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Fibonacci Lines Analyzer 1.0


The Fibonacci lines analyzer shows Fibonacci retracement, expansion Levels , Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci spiral, Fibonacci Time Zones and Gann fan presenting result in graphical form. 
  Fibonacci Lines Analyzer 1.0 - Details and Download Link
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Fibonacci lines software
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Fibonacci Lines Analyzer
Fibonacci Lines Analyzer 1.0 - Free Download and Review

    Fibonacci Time Zones and Gann fan presenting result in graphical form. This Fibonacci tool is compatible with any other forex software, with any other trading system, with any images and charts. So it is fibonacci pattern which is compatible with any software. Very easy interface. Just two clicks of your mouse and all ready. Just align the pointers of the program with extreme points (edges of trendline) of any chart. You can use your own (non fibonacci) coefficients. You can download fully functional trial version of the Fibonacci lines analyzer. You will be able to run the application 10 times. If you decide to keep using it, you will need to purchase the license.

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