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Live satellite images 1


The free version of Google Earth offers you to view or save high resolution live satellite images of earth(from NASA or digital globe).Its not really live satellite images but youll get the sensation that youre viewing live satellite images 
  Live satellite images 1 - Details and Download Link
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Live satellite images
Live satellite images 1 - Free Download and Review

    NASA or digital globe).Its not really live satellite images in real time but youll get the sensation that youre viewing live satellite images of earth from space.Just click on any part of the earth interface of google earth or type any direction, city names or country on the search box and youll zoom right in from space to the street level.It incorporates high resolution satellite images,satellite photos taken from satellites from all corners of the planet. Holds information borders, cities, satellite maps, satellite streets view, restaurants, hotels and everything that we can imagine.

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1)   Chemical Formula Tutor 1.3
Learn formula writing by drag-and-drop, at home or in class. Students will appreciate the intuitive, interactive Drag-Drop interface. Helpful tips and cursors, built-in Atom Counter, Learn Mode, Test Mode (with or without timing), and scoring.

2)   Satellite image of my House 2
View satellite image of your house using the free version of earth viewer software.This free and easy software enables you to fly directly to your neighbor,view satellite pictures of your friends house, locate satellite photo of your favorite places

3)   The GD&T Trainer: Professional Edition 3.0
Effective, economical GD and T training on CD-ROM. Contains interactive lessons, technical animations, narration, 3D part drawings, course administration tools. Valuable for designers, engineers, and anyone who uses engineering drawings.

4)   Live satellite images 1
The free version of Google Earth offers you to view or save high resolution live satellite images of earth(from NASA or digital globe).Its not really live satellite images but youll get the sensation that youre viewing live satellite images

5)   Organic Chemistry 2.0
Organic Chemistry drills, help and notes

6)   WinPCNC 1.0.2
The WinPCNC is a one-computer NC system, based on the mighty platform of the personal computer with the operating system Windows NT and VentureCom 4.1 real time extension.

7)   PLC Trainer 3 3.0
PLCTrainer uses RSLogix ladder logic look and feel. Now includes analog instruction. Receive a second CD free LogixPro, an RSLogix logic simulator

8)   CyberSky 4.0.2
CyberSky is an accurate, yet easy-to-use planetarium program that provides an excellent way to learn about astronomy and explore the sky visible in the distant past, the present, and the far-off future.

9)   Stratego 11.05
Stratego logic game. It is a 2-player game. This game follows original Statego rules. A help file is included. The classic game of battlefield strategy.  Use memory, cunning and luck to capture your enemy's flag.  2 to 4 Players.

10)   Electrochemical Cells Pro 2.2
Design batteries or learn about oxidation and reduction by building cells. Drag-and-drop electrodes from the Electrode Selector or randomly generate one. Alter cell properties such as temperature, pH, concentration and pressure and see its effect.

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1)   Underground Hypnosis Course 2.0 2.0
Underground Hypnosis Course You Are About To Learn The Most Controversial And Effective Covert Persuasion Secrets Ever Invented! I know your time is valuable, so let’s get straight to the point: This is not your normal hypnosis site.

2)   Disguised Hypnosis 2.0 2.0
Disguised Hypnosis And Now You Can Benefit From These Persuasion Techniques Too! I have put together a complete Disguised Hypnosis package designed to teach you everything you need to know to: Optimize your power ... Always get what you want

3)   Angelic Realms 2.0 2.0
Angelic Realms The Reality However, Is That Death Is A Part Of Life And It Is Something That No Human Being Is Exempt From Eventually Experiencing... The reason why death is usually viewed in a negative light by society is because of the loss tha

4)   Quantum Mind Power 2.0 2.0
Quantum Mind Power "You're About To Learn The Secrets That Most People Will Never Know About Mastering Their Mind Power " Inside you will learn ... The amazing mind programming method that creates automatic changes without using any will power.

5)   LateralK 3.0
LateralK is a simple software for calculating lateral earth pressure coefficients and forces behind retaining walls in static and earthquake condition based on Rankine/ Coulumb formulae and also Mononobe/ Okabe methods.

6)   Liquefaction Analysis Program (NovoLiq) 2.0
NovoLiq supports the following field tests for liquefaction assessment: -Standard Penetration Test (SPT) -Becker Density Test (BDT) -Shear Wave Velocity (Vs) Post-liquefaction lateral displacement and settlements, residual strength Sr

7)   NovoCPT 1.6
NovoCPT is designed for processing CPT files and calculating soil parameters such as friction angle, relative density, unit weight, fines content, shear wave velocity, Gmax, clay sensitivity, OCR, undrained shear strength, soil behavior type (SBT)

8)   VisLog 2.4
VisLog is a robust and powerful software, designed for visualizing geotechnical/geological borehole logs and automatically drawing soil profiles. more than 30 soil types are supported and input data can be imported either from SMTP or gINT software.

9)   SPT Correlations Software (NovoSPT) 2.1
NovoSPT is a software for analyzing Standard Penetration Test (SPT/ DCPT) blow counts and correlating N with soil engineering properties. Totally more than 265 formulas are implemented into NovoSPT from 50 papers and reference books

10)   NovoFormula 1.0
Geotechnical engineers can use this software for day-to-day analysis and calculations. Database of formulas include common correlations such as Cc, Cs, CBR, Es, etc as well as mass-volume relations and formulas.