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Sega Sports NBA 2K1 Cheats and Hints for Dreamcast Platform

Sega Sports NBA 2K1
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Code Menu
From the main menu, access the options screen, then select "Codes." On the "Cheat Codes" screen, type in your password as on of these shown below.

Be the Ball

Giant Heads

Weird Commentary

Taunt Afer Shot is Made

Hidden teams
Enter the "Options" screen and choose the "Codes" selection. Then, enter "vc" as a cheat code to unlock the Mo Cap, Sega Sports, and Sega Net teams. Note: The code is case-sensitive.

Play as the rapper Redman
Enable the "Hidden teams" code to unlock the Mo Cap team. Redman will be on their reserves.

Random team selection
Select exhibition mode, highlight a team name, then press L + R + A.

Additional stat view
Pause the game and select the "Substitution" option. Press X at the substitution screen to view a player's 3 point shooting rating, and rebound rating.

Full energy with fatigue on
While playing a game with fatigue on, go to options, turn fatigue off, and go back to the game. Then go back to options and set fatigue back on. All your players will have 100% energy.

Distract free throws
While playing as the home team, repeatedly press X when the visiting team is shooting free throws. The crowd will start making noise and flash white balloons to throw the shooter's concentration off. While playing as the visiting team, repeatedly press X when the home team is shooting free throws. Your players will trash talk to the shooter.

If you are going up to block a shot, you can hold the button, then release it when you want to block the ball.

Better Ally Oop
Instead of going up, stopping and doing the ally oop, keep going and just press the Analog-stick, then whenever you are ready, press R. This makes the move more realistic.

Always steal ball in street ball
While playing against the CPU in street ball, press D-pad + R to have your CPU-controlled teammate intentionally foul the other team. Your teammate will shove your opponent and steal the ball without being called for a foul, because you are playing by street ball rules. If done correctly, your opponent will never get a shot off.

~tvirus-enterthis cheat and your player will be running down the court with a funny looking alien head.
~what am i saying- the announcer will be saying dumb things like the game is over and it will only be the first quater
~be the ball-you will actually be the ball but this cheat is hard to control the player

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