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Seaman Cheats and Hints for Dreamcast Platform

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Quick evolve
Set the Dreamcast's system date ahead several days for faster evolution. However, the tank will also not be maintained for that amount of time.

Quick evolution into Gillman stage

While playing the game, you will see a shell at the bottom of the tank. Keep tapping the shell until it starts to eat your newborn Seaman. After they are eaten, tap the shell more until the squid completely comes out. It will squirm, and eventually after tapping it enough, it will die and the baby Seaman will appear and will be in the next stage (Gillman). Hold A while talking into the microphone to speak to your Seaman. Temperature and oxygen never fluctuate when game off
To keep the temperature and air from fluctuating when the game is off, simply remove the batteries from the VMU that Seaman is saved on. -From: Drklrdsth00@aol.com

Talking to your Seaman

It is good to talk to your Seaman frequently. You need to teach them how to talk. Try to talk as clear as possible. Hold the A and talk into the microphone. The Gillman stage is the stage when it will first start to talk. Use these words when talking to your Seaman: Hi, Hello, Hey, No, Yes, Seaman, Fish, Fun, Play, (and more). Experiment, but do not call it bad name or it will become unhappy. Also, remember to feed it in the morning and at night (two times every day).

unlock dr gasse's journal
once your seaman has evolved to the frog stage, exit and save then on the its ok to shut off your dreamcast, hold all buttons except for the start button and hold for 40 seconds and let go then wait for an hour and you should have it on your screen, tis is extremely useful since it is also a guide book with more secrets!!!!!!
[send by:john ]

Infinite food:
To get infinite food you need two VMU's. Save a new game on one
VMU, then make sure there is a game going on the other VMU. Transfer
the food from the first VMU to the second.

Drain the aquarium:
When the seaman gets old enough he will help you move the rock to
drain the aquarium.

Confuse Your Seaman:
Focus on one of your seamen and move your joystick in circular motions
around its head, the seaman will begin to follow the circling finger icon
and become dizzy and roll over on its back after a giggle.

Kitchen Appliance Awareness Message:
Insert the Seaman Dreamcast Disc into any CD player and listen.
To keep the temperature and air from changing when the game is off,
just remove the batteries from the VMU that Seaman is saved on.

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